Orange Rose Dress

This is Diamond!  Here’s my second dress =)  It’s not the best but it’s likable, kinda…It didn’t scan very well either but I think it’s fine…Orange Rose Dress


Butterfly Outfit by Diamond

My first outfit! =)  It’s one of those outfits with an attached jacket kind of thing and a pink skirt.  As Ruby forgot to mention in her previous posts, I don’t think these outfits and dresses are all the same size…so if you actually want to print one of these, just leave a comment and we’ll put up the standard sizes. =)

Butterfly Outfit

Waterfall by Ruby

This is the first time I’ve tried the clear cloth-over-white effect.  I think it turned out pretty well (for a first), but you can’t really see the shading on the bodice or the skirt… Oh well.  I guess it just might look good on one of our dolls.  🙂


Turquoise Top with Black Leggings

Another casual outfit by me…

Purple and blue dress by Ruby

Here’s my latest outfit- a casual dress with a turquoise jacket.  Don’t worry if it looks short; it fits fine.  Send me your feedback in the comments!

Purple and Blue Dress with a Turquoise Jacket

Diamond’s Outfits…coming soon

Ok then…this is Diamond.  I know I haven’t posted anything yet.  But my stuff is coming! 🙂  So don’t let Ruby overshadow me!

Purple dress-shirt with jeans by Ruby

Here’s my first modern design- just a outfit for Amanda, Ivy, and Fiona to wear when they’re shopping, going to the movies, or just hanging out  with friends.

Casual Dress-shirt

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