Update from Ruby

Okay…  I’m really sorry I haven’t posted anything for a long time.  The big suprise is coming though! Maybe it’ll make up for my absense.  Diamond already scanned one _____________ but I want to post them all together! 🙂



Peacock Outfit by Diamond

Okay… this is Ruby, not Diamond.  Sorry for the confusion.  So Diamond sent me this outfit about a week ago, but she never posted it, and I sorta decided that you needed to see it.  Does it look familiar?  It should if you’ve been at this blog before.  My first casual outfit was actually my version of the same design, but minus the purse ( I couldn’t draw that part very well…)  Anyways, I hope Diamond doesn’t get mad at me for posting this, or delete this post (Please don’t Diamond).   

Peacock Outfit


As you can see, Ivy is wearing the outfit.  If you actually print this stuff, you can just cut out Ivy.  One final note- it’s called the Peacock Outfit because to Diamond, it looks like it has all the colors of a peacock…just some FYI

Diamond’s Outfits…coming soon

Ok then…this is Diamond.  I know I haven’t posted anything yet.  But my stuff is coming! 🙂  So don’t let Ruby overshadow me!