Another Sketch by Diamond

Here’s another sketch by me!  Only this time it’s only the dress. =)  I’m sorry about my terrible attempt on erasing the lines but just try and enjoy the dress! :\


A Sketch by Diamond

Hey…so I was bored and decided to sketch a new outfit on a random doll because nothing’s been going on on this blog. I know the head is too big and the arms too skinny, but its just a sketch. =)  Hope you like it! =)

Update from Ruby

Okay…  I’m really sorry I haven’t posted anything for a long time.  The big suprise is coming though! Maybe it’ll make up for my absense.  Diamond already scanned one _____________ but I want to post them all together! 🙂


Peacock Outfit by Diamond

Okay… this is Ruby, not Diamond.  Sorry for the confusion.  So Diamond sent me this outfit about a week ago, but she never posted it, and I sorta decided that you needed to see it.  Does it look familiar?  It should if you’ve been at this blog before.  My first casual outfit was actually my version of the same design, but minus the purse ( I couldn’t draw that part very well…)  Anyways, I hope Diamond doesn’t get mad at me for posting this, or delete this post (Please don’t Diamond).   

Peacock Outfit


As you can see, Ivy is wearing the outfit.  If you actually print this stuff, you can just cut out Ivy.  One final note- it’s called the Peacock Outfit because to Diamond, it looks like it has all the colors of a peacock…just some FYI

Eternal Flame by Ruby

Sorry I didn’t post anything for Monday… but a big suprise is coming up!  I promise I’ll post the “big suprise” as soon as Diamond scans and Photoshops it for me (she’s the technology person in our little group 🙂 )  This dress is called the Eternal Flame because it’s done in the shades of fire.  Sadly, the layers are terribly lopsided, but I guess you’ll just have to live with it. 

Eternal Flame

Three More Gowns by Ruby

Ok, I’m sorry I’m loading you with gowns again…but here are two more gowns by me for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  I guess I’m probably going to post all the gowns for the week on Monday and Tuesday, so I don’t have to worry about it the rest of the week (lazy me  🙂  ) .  Anyways, I think the first one turned out pretty well.  You can actually see the swirls, which I labored on for a very long time.  But my second dress- there’s a reason  I called it the Turquoise Monstrosity.  It has a touch to much turqoise, don’t you think?  I didn’t realize this until I finished, and by then, it was too late to start over, so I’m just  posting it, in case anyone out there is utterly, completely, and obsessively in love with turqoise… My apologies to anyone else.  And finally my third one.  When I looked at it, the only thing I thought of was: SCANNED OUT TERRIBLY!  (Please forgive the capital letters)  The green is a lot more slimy and evil-looking, and you can barely see the difference between the pink and purple roses. I’m really not that upset, though, because I wasn’t that attatched to the original… As you’ve probably figured out from the signature rose-and-ribbons, this is the next gown in Angels from Above.  I seriously doubt real Angels would wear this, but maybe Amanda, Ivy, or Fiona will.  Who knows? (By the way, I did NOT copy the roses-at-the-top-of-the-bodice thing from Diamond’s Orange Roses dress!)  😛

Magical Waters (also known as the Swirled Dress)


Turqoise Monstrosity


Angel Spring

Two Famous Gowns by Ruby

Since I probably won’t have time to post anything on the weekend, here are two additional dresses for Saturday and Sunday.  These two are probably familiar to you if you are a fan of Taylor Swift, Twilight, or Liana Kerr (Remember her? She was the one who drew Ivy and inspired Diamond and I to start this blog).  If you aren’t, then I guess you can still enjoy them anyways… this  Love Story dress looks especially good on Ivy.   🙂

Taylor Swift's gown from her music video Love Story

The other gown, Bella Swan’s prom dres from the end of Twilight, was designed by Liana Kerr (but drawn by me).  It’s probably not accurate, and my version of it is definately not as good as Liana’s.  However, Liana’s version of this dress was made for Sylvia and Iris, her old paperdolls, so I thought Ivy deserved a copy of this outfit as well…

Bella Swan's Prom Gown from Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer

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