The Paperdoll Society

We’re just some girls who design and draw paper dolls and outfits for a hobby =).  Since there are “bad” people around,  we’ll use aliases.  If you’ve visited this website before, you might know that Diamond and I started as a lone pair, but began adding new members.  We apologize if you find any inconveniences; please notify us of them in our comments section!

On Ruby

Hello! I’m Ruby, but if you’ve already read the introduction, you’ll know it’s only a code name.  I love to read, write, and draw.  My first experience with paperdolling was in first grade, when I was obsessed with drawing faires in different outfits.  Now, I don’t love those little green sprites as much, but my interest in paperdolls and design still remains!  You can see the product on this website- sometimes hideous, mostly OK, occasionally likable outfits.  Anyways, as I’ve said before, I hope you like my dresses and those of the other members of this (very small still) club and also, feel free to add comments about our work.

On Diamond

Hi I’m Diamond! =)  I’ve only started toying around with paper dolls a few months ago so my outfits might not be perfect…but I’ll do my best.  Ruby and I have been friends for about four years and I love drawing, reading, baking, trying new foods(mainly desserts), playing video games, tennis, and volleyball.  I also play the piano and flute.  Paperdolling has been really fun so far and I hope all of you enjoy our work!

On Sky

(This section has not been completed)


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