Two Famous Gowns by Ruby

Since I probably won’t have time to post anything on the weekend, here are two additional dresses for Saturday and Sunday.  These two are probably familiar to you if you are a fan of Taylor Swift, Twilight, or Liana Kerr (Remember her? She was the one who drew Ivy and inspired Diamond and I to start this blog).  If you aren’t, then I guess you can still enjoy them anyways… this  Love Story dress looks especially good on Ivy.   🙂

Taylor Swift's gown from her music video Love Story

The other gown, Bella Swan’s prom dres from the end of Twilight, was designed by Liana Kerr (but drawn by me).  It’s probably not accurate, and my version of it is definately not as good as Liana’s.  However, Liana’s version of this dress was made for Sylvia and Iris, her old paperdolls, so I thought Ivy deserved a copy of this outfit as well…

Bella Swan's Prom Gown from Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer


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